Major roads are color-coded based on non-rush hour travel conditions, along with feedback from Columbus area residents, in order to indicate suitability for cyclists. Some residential roads that provided good passage through neighborhoods are colored in gray. Green (1): Low-traffic roadways where bicyclists and motorists can more safely share the road. Suitable for bicyclists with basic skills. Orange (2): Roadways where the speed and volume of traffic may present challenges, especially at peak hours. Suitable for bicyclists with intermediate skills. Red (3): Roadways with high volume of traffic or high speeds. Extreme caution should be used on these roadways. Suitable only for bicyclists with advanced skills. Gray (4): Residential routes with generally low-traffic and low-speed. and suitable for bicyclsits with basic skills. Some are preferred routes suggested by local bicyclists for getting from one area to another. Numbers above refer to the codes of the BikeLOS2016 field. Geography: Extent of Franklin County, Ohio along with a 3-10 mile buffer. Source: Road centerline data comes from the Franklin County Location Based Response System program. Color codes were generated through analysis and input by stakeholders and the cycling community. Created: 5/5/2016.

Dataset Attributes

  • Divided
    {"value"=>"N", "count"=>17173} (), {"value"=>"Y", "count"=>2357} (), {"value"=>"0", "count"=>3} ()
  • Lanes
    {"value"=>"2", "count"=>15790} (), {"value"=>"4", "count"=>2671} (), {"value"=>"3", "count"=>515} (), {"value"=>"1", "count"=>322} (), {"value"=>"6", "count"=>152} (), {"value"=>"5", "count"=>34} (), {"value"=>"0", "count"=>3} (), {"value"=>" ", "count"=>2} ()
  • Speed
    {"value"=>"35", "count"=>6749} (), {"value"=>"25", "count"=>6053} (), {"value"=>"45", "count"=>3685} (), {"value"=>"55", "count"=>1496} (), {"value"=>"50", "count"=>658} (), {"value"=>"40", "count"=>525} (), {"value"=>"20", "count"=>108} (), {"value"=>"30", "count"=>104} (), {"value"=>"15", "count"=>82} (), {"value"=>"0", "count"=>19} ()
  • One Way
    {"value"=>" ", "count"=>14633} (), {"value"=>"SB", "count"=>373} (), {"value"=>"NB", "count"=>326} (), {"value"=>"EB", "count"=>205} (), {"value"=>"WB", "count"=>204} (), {"value"=>"CC", "count"=>186} (), {"value"=>"RA", "count"=>8} (), {"value"=>"0", "count"=>1} ()
  • Street Label
    {"value"=>"W Broad St", "count"=>224} (), {"value"=>"E Main St", "count"=>211} (), {"value"=>"N High St", "count"=>204} (), {"value"=>"Cleveland Ave", "count"=>200} (), {"value"=>"Olentangy River Rd", "count"=>194} (), {"value"=>"Dublin Rd", "count"=>185} (), {"value"=>"S High St", "count"=>180} (), {"value"=>"E Livingston Ave", "count"=>150} (), {"value"=>"E Broad St", "count"=>146} (), {"value"=>"Morse Rd", "count"=>142} ()
  • Shape
  • Level of Comfort
    {"value"=>"Moderate", "count"=>6946, "code"=>2} (), {"value"=>"Poor", "count"=>5419, "code"=>3} (), {"value"=>"Good", "count"=>3739, "code"=>1} (), {"value"=>"Residential", "count"=>3442, "code"=>4} ()
  • Road Name
    {"value"=>"W Broad St", "count"=>215} (), {"value"=>"Olentangy River Rd", "count"=>199} (), {"value"=>"E Main St", "count"=>198} (), {"value"=>"Cleveland Ave", "count"=>197} (), {"value"=>"Dublin Rd", "count"=>189} (), {"value"=>"N High St", "count"=>181} (), {"value"=>"S High St", "count"=>151} (), {"value"=>"Morse Rd", "count"=>147} (), {"value"=>"Sunbury Rd", "count"=>133} (), {"value"=>"Sullivant Ave", "count"=>132} ()

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